UICloud: New Look, New Feel

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We are very proud to introduce the redesign of the website of UICloud. Our aim to help the user to easily find the UI design elements they need. It took a while but we are glad now it is ready. Here we will briefly introduce what’s new.


The header menu is simplified and a quick search box is added on the right side. As we introduce different layout for desktop monitor, tablet and mobile devices. The header menu will automatically adjust.



A dropdown menu will show when the header is in a compact mode for mobile devices.



There is not too much changes, we introduced our social media links and latest blog articles on the bottom of the homepage. Everything else is kept simple.


Browse Page

We have changed the browse page a bit to a better layout. Now the browse page can adjust according to the viewing devices too. For normal screen it is like this:

UICloud   Browse User Interface Designs

For high resolution wide screen, it is

UICloud   Browse User Interface Designs 4

For tablet and mobile device they are like


Categories Page

The categories page has been redesigned. Detailed information of the UI elements in each category is included.

UICloud   Categories

Single UI Design Page

Each single UI design pages are now a bit different from the previous ones. Download block is moved to the right as widget with links available next to it. A section of included elements is added which easily describe what elements the design has got. A colour scheme section is added too. All icons and colour blocks can be clicked to view the related pages.

Arctic Sunset UI Kit   UICloud

UICloud Blog

Now the blog page has a pin board style layout. We are aiming to produce more useful UI tips and tricks in the UICloud blog as well as the latest news.

UICloud   UICloud Blog


That’s it for now. But we are continuous developing a lot of new updates on different small things, will introduce them whenever they are ready. Thanks a million for your continuous support of UICloud.


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