Let’s Create a Clean and Effective Login Form

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Hi guys, today I’ll walk you through the process of creating a clean and effective login form in Photoshop. We will use various shape tools, pen tool and different layer styling techniques to achieve the final product. Hope you’ll learn some handy tips along the way. So, let’s get started!


Wood Patterns

Final Result:

Step 1:

Open Photoshop and create a new file width 580px width and 600px height.

Step 2:

Now select the paint bucket tool and fill the background with color # 73422d.

Step 3:

Select the background layer and click on layer style>Pattern Overlay. And select a wooden pattern.

Step 4:

Now let’s start with our form. For the transparent base select the ‘rectangle tool’ and create a square in middle with color # 898989.

Step 5:

Reduce the fill to 15% and click on layer style> Satin.

Step 6:

Now add some drop shadow and keep the settings same as below.

Step 7:

Select the ‘rectangle tool’ and create a small rectangle at the top.

Step 8:

Now select the above rectangle layer and click on layer styles to add stroke, gradient and drop shadow.

Add stroke with color # 57b92a.

Add gradient overlay with left color stop of # 459620 and right color stop of #4dae21.

Add drop shadow with the below settings.

Step 9:

Select the ‘Line tool’ and draw a straight line with color # 469920.

Step 10:

Repeat the same process and create the same thing at the bottom.

Step 11:

Select the ‘text tool’ and add the title with color # e4e4e4 and rest of the text with color # c8c8c8. Now click on layer styles>Drop shadow.

Step 12:

Now let’s add our text fields, so first select the ‘Rounded rectangle Tool’ and create a small rectangle with color # ffffff.

Step 13:

Click on layer styles and add gradient, stroke, and inner shadow to the field.

Step 14:

For the tag or label select ‘pen tool’ and create a simple shape. Fill it with color # ffffff.

Step 15:

Now add some style to the tag, add inner shadow, gradient and drop shadow.

Step 16:

Now add text to the label with the same color and style mentioned in step 11.

Step 17:

Repeat the same process and create another input field for the password.

Step 18:

Now we will create some check boxes, so select the ‘rounded rectangle tool’ and create a rectangle. Then click on layer styles to add gradient and drop shadow.

Step 19:

Select the ‘text tool’ and add some text next to the check boxes.

Step 20:

For the login button create a small rectangle using ‘Rounded rectangle tool’ then add some gradient and stroke to it.

Add gradient using the same colors we have used above.

Step 21:

Now select the ‘Text tool’ and add the login text and arrow with color # ffffff.

Add some drop shadow to the text.

Step 22:

Add some text in the footer with the same settings as above.

Step 23:

Lastly, we will add some extra options on the left side, so select the ‘pen tool’ to create a simple custom shape and fill it with # 459620.

Step 24: 

Add some icons to the above created boxes and click on layer style> drop shadow.

And finally we are done. Our Appealing and effective Login Form is ready.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial, I’ll be back with some more interesting ideas and tricks till then, take care!

Source File and Download

You can download the source file in our UI collection.

Download Source

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